Friday, December 11, 2009

A Preschool Christmas

Last night was the preschool Christmas party. The kids were so so cute with their singing and playing and visiting Santa. Cora, Clay, and Charlotte are a bit cliquish, and haven't branched out very well into developing other friendships. When Cora mentions someone from class, we say, "Oh, is that your friend at school?" And she says, "No, not my friend. Clay and Charlotte are my friends." Needless to say, the three were running around together last night, holding onto each other and giggling and running into adult's legs. I overheard their teacher saying "Those three are so cute!" Ahhh, that's a relief to hear, rather than just "Those three. Sigh." Cora and Clay were particularly crazy, dancing and giggling together for ages. I decided to get a little video, and what I ended up with is pretty scandalous.

The concert:

Cora asked for a ball from Santa. No problem.

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