Sunday, January 14, 2007

No Social Life?

Turns out Cora hasn't too terribly disturbed our social life. I assumed it would be much more difficult to establish intimate friendships here than in Edinburgh, where we quickly gained a close-knit group of friends that often had us sharing meals 4 times a week. But now, with the more limited time and mobility that a baby engenders, it's a whole different story. Certainly I didn't think many people would be willing to make the extra effort required to befriend a couple that always has a fussy/poopy baby around (for as good as they might be, you can always expect some fussiness and poopiness)...unless they themselves had babies as well, in which case they also would be extraordinarily busy and involved within their own families. But it hasn't been nearly as difficult as I'd pessimistically imagined. In fact, most people tend to be drawn towards the baby. We have already gained some incredible friends (none of which actually have kids yet). We had a dinner party at our flat last Saturday, our 6th day here in Vancouver. And last night was spent with a large group at another couple's apartment. Cora behaved herself decently well, and when she did start to fuss, there were plenty of hands to help in entertaining her. Today after church we spent the afternoon with another couple walking around the snowy banks of the bay and enjoying lunch at the market on Granville Island. No doubt it takes more effort on our parts than before; we have to work around her feeding and nap schedule a bit, and in her occasional break downs we must turn our full attention to her rather than the deep conversation we were in moments before. But this age is very convenient when we can just strap her to our chest and go. Yes, we were of course the first to leave the party last night at 11:00. But we were just very pleased to be invited in the first place.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Life changes

Ahhh... Cora is finally asleep. I at long last have peace to think through all the bits of life changes going on around me. David is before the fire on this Friday evening reading some profound theological text. He is settling in to his new life as a student like a frog at an insect exhibit. Cora...well, not so much. She is finally figuring out that David and I are her real Mom and Dad...not any of those other people that were always fluttering about her in Atlanta. I think she's disappointed with the turnout. And as for me? I am incredibly content. A little more than that: I'm on cloud nine. The vibrant and stimulating community of Regent, this beautiful city (the recent snows have only enhanced it's allure), and even our very tiny but cozy all comes together to make this place an enthralling new home. All this in spite of the massive reality jolt I received in actually caring for this little baby on my own (4 grandparents, one set of which was in-house, certainly was an ideal setup). I think we're bonding more already though. Now it's up to me alone during our long days together to entertain and teach and soothe. The mommy creative juices are beginning to flow a little faster. Meanwhile, however, the academic juices seem to be becoming a bit sluggish. At least that's how I felt until my first class on Wednesday night. Getting away for an evening with all adults, graduate students no less, did wonders for the soul. Equally, this morning, my Systematic Theology course with J. I. Packer (this one counts for bragging rights) made me feel like I do have an intellectual life beyond Patty-cake. Hooray for David and his willingness to tack on additional daddy duties above an already crammed course load. Why the heck, by the way, do seminaries make it seem possible to do an MDiv in 3 years until you actually get there at which point you receive looks of "you're taking how many hours?" Well, noone said this would be easy. We're up for a challenge.