Sunday, September 7, 2008

Outdoor days

Camping was a success. We went east over the mountains to the Okanagan where it's drier and supposedly warmer, though it was plenty chilly enough considering it was only the first week of September. We were still visited with a short rain shower each day, too. But it was better than Vancouver (although this week to honor the start of the fall semester it's back to summer weather again). This car camping was a first for Dave and I: we always backpack in miles and live on the bare necessities. But this...this was luxury. And absolutely necessary. A toddler makes all things complicated and camping only more so. Having a car full of food and cooking supplies and dry clothes and books and even a laptop (only for Cora's videos on the carride!) made life leisurely, not to mention the blow-up mattress and port-a-crib in the tent. Cora, needless to say, outdoorsy girl that she is, thought camping was the best thing ever. She was the happiest girl the whole time. But you should have seen her scream and cry as David pulled the tent down on the fourth day. Every time we tried to put something in the car, she would scream and grab it and try to prevent us, particularly her pink papasan chair, which was her throne for consuming marshmallows and reading books.

Time slows down while camping. We sat on the lakeshore enjoying the quiet, played in the sand, took long naps, cooked simple meals, went to bed early after a couple hours of simply staring into the fire drinking decaf coffee and munching on smores or cereal. We took books that we barely cracked, and journals that remained neglected. We just spent time with each other. Which is rare. And lovely.