Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Once again I have let time fly quickly by without stopping to give thoughts and news to dear friends the world over. I love to give part of ourselves to you by taking time to bring you into our circle of events and people, but sometimes life slips elusively through my fingers and I see in disbelief that almost two months have gone by. These particular two months have been especially full and wonderful: traveling, a long and meaningful vacation, classes and studies, moving and the long process of decorating and settling in a new home, a visit from a too-little-seen sister. I am in recovery mode! Which involves curling up with coffee and laptop on new cozy beige couch (a Craiglist steal for $60) to reaquaint my long-lost self to you.

David and I headed to Atlanta for almost three weeks in May. David took part in his cousin Laura's wedding, performing the ceremony and officiating the marriage. It was such a beautiful weddding, and such a treasure to be part of it. We had a blast partying with all the family, tearing up the dance floor with his grandma, and Cora running around with her sweet cousin.

The next weekend it was time for another wedding, beautiful Kelley's at the Florida beach. This time we left Cora at home with David's parents and had a long romantic weekend to ourselves. It was perfect in every way. A stunning vacation house on the beach shared with some second parents to us. A beach bonfire, dance parties, an absolutely stunning wedding, and relaxing days walking or reading out on the beach. Even the drive down was wonderful, just the two of us reading aloud or listening to music, not having to worry about keeping a toddler entertained. It was a great break, something we decided should probably happen a little more frequently. The rest of the time in Atlanta was all such a joy, just spending as much time with our families as possible.

Arriving back in Vancouver, we jumped into crazy life again. We began packing for a move, because we applied for and were offered a fantastic two-bedroom apartment on campus in the university family housing. David right away started a systematic theology class which ran every morning for two weeks. Meanwhile, I watched the daughter of a friend taking the same class, a little girl Cora's age, Charlotte. So playing with the little girls in the morning, packing, moving and unpacking in the afternoons and evenings for the first week. The second week though my own class started: Globalization, World Religions, and Missions. Then I had the girls in the morning, class in the afternoon, and continued settling in in the evenings.

A couple days after class ended my mom arrived from Atlanta and my sister and her toddler Claire from Oklahoma for over a week of fabulous girltime! We trotted all over Vancouver, trying new places to eat and taking long walks along the beach or in the woods. David stayed at some friends' apartment down the street who were on vacation, so we even had the apartment all to ourselves for chick flicks and late night chats. Cora and Claire had a blast together. Of course, there was some toddler frustration too, but they loved playing with each other and egging on each other with various antics during dinner. I think Cora was very sad to wake up this morning to not find them here, although her Nana is still here until tomorrow and she has had a blast with her today while David and I worked on the papers for the classes we just finished.

So there is some catch-up time. Short but sweet. Glad to finally be in touch again!