Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Story

This season, I hope you're taking time to delight in the story of God's love for you, that breathtaking story of extravagant love. Each day of Advent brings us that much closer to celebrating His birth, but does each day also bring you one step closer to Him? Don't let the busyness pull you away from a deeper relationship. Instead, take time to revel in the intensity of His love, the greatness of His plan, and the power of His sacrifice. Our perfect High Priest came and reconciled us to God our Father once and for all. That is so much more exciting than Christmas trees and cookies, as exciting as those are. So let that consume you. Not the hustle and bustle.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cora update

Cora received a few early Christmas presents from her Grammie last week. She has since been zooming around the house either pushing her baby in a stroller, or collecting everything she can find into her shopping cart. She is a delight to watch.

Everyone is asking for an update on her Tuberous Sclerosis. Not much new news, which is GOOD news! She is not on anticonvulsant medication yet, against all the doctor's recommendations, and yet it has worked out to be so fortunate because we now know that her lack of any more seizures is a result of God answering prayer and not medication! The doctor on Monday was quite surpised that she hadn't had any more, saying that once they start, they usually really start since the tumors have grown enough to start really aggravating the brain. There is concern still about sub-clinical seizures which we cannot see or know she's having unless we observe a slowing or regressing in development. An infant development specialist will help to discern this (we are on a waiting list), but from our perspective, she seems to be developing quite well. She is learning new things everyday, and often surprises us when she responds in understanding to things we say. We're especially encouraged that she shows no signs of autism after seeing the frightening statistics of about 50% developing it in some form or other. She is as sweet and cuddly and social as could possibly be.

Our biggest prayer request right now is that we can get through holiday travels seizure-free. Then we do not have to further consider meds or have the stress of hospital visits while we are at home in the U.S. Please also continue praying with us that she will remain on the mild side of any and all symptoms resulting from the TS. Thank you!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

December the 1st

Today was the start of Christmas for us. Oh, we've had a little tree lit up with lights and some holly and red candles scattered about for a couple weeks already. Christmas music, too, has been occasionally on the stereo. But today, it truly felt like Christmas.

Maybe it was the snow. Yep, almost a foot of it. All day large white flakes fell hard, starting early this morning as the three of us lay warm and cozy in bed together watching it through the window. Throughout our unhurried breakfast and couple cups of coffee, reading Cora some books and each other some Scripture, we watched Vancouver transform into a winter wonderland. Then we bundled up and went for a walk, Cacao bounding about with a white snout, and Cora tromping through it in her pink boots. The afternoon flew by as both Dave and I wrote diligently on our papers, but sitting next to the frosted window with hot tea and beautiful Christmas music playing made even the hard work absolutely delightful. An afternoon snowball fight between David, Jason, Cacao and I, while Cora looked on in consternation, was a fun break.

Or maybe it feels like Christmas because of our first Christmas party. This evening, we all dressed up, Cora in a red gingerbread man dress with even a little gingerbread man barrette to match, me in a coordinating red skirt. Then we drove through the swirling snow (passing by a couple wrecks on the trip there and back!) to the Regent Christmas party, where we socialized for a couple hours and then had a service of singing and meditations. Cora did even more socializing than us...she was buzzing about as the life of the party. She's very popular. Maybe we could learn some popularity hints: smile a lot, hold people's hands, and cuddle close if they want a hug.