Monday, July 28, 2008

Cora's Big Imagination

While the week before last was one of playdates and swimming and parties and all sorts of toddler craziness, this past week would definitely be better categorized as "just getting through." David had class in the morning, we met up for a quick lunch, and then I was off to class from 1:15-4:15. Not only is it intense being in class for 3 hours every single afternoon, but the subject matter was extremely intense and challenging as well: The Gospel and Human Poverty. I felt pretty beat up by the end. Not only that, but I had a few deadlines for papers which needed some finishing touches. Thus, for Cora, it was a week of "Let's color" (while mommy reads). "Let's watch Baby Einstein" (while mommy writes.) And the mother of all tricks that keeps Cora occupied for ages on end: "Let's play with Baby."

David's Aunt Chris gave Cora in May a little girl's dream of a gift: an American Girl Bitty Baby and TONS of accessories. A diaper bag with cloth diapers and wipes. An old-fashioned traveling case with clothes and blanket. A lunch bag with sippy cup and snacks. A pair of glasses. A bottle and rattle. A tiny bear and book. So she doesn't lose the assortment of adorable little things, I keep them put away until playtime. The Baby remains in her possession and must be in bed with her every night, but all the extras I save for just such a week as this. I pull it out and Cora can be occupied all morning. Certainly there is still a lot of interaction: she has to come show me what she's done, and needs me to help her take the clothes on and off. But she's amazingly quiet for long periods of time. It's lovely!

Cora's imaginary play is certainly not lacking in any way. I will walk past her room and see her rocking and singing to her baby. She shows Baby books and feeds her pretend food. Or, as was the case today, real food. At lunch, Baby was sitting on the table and Cora would put the spoon to Baby's mouth, then finish the bite herself, then ask Baby "More?", then proceed to nod her head dramatically (for the baby) and give her another bite, over and over until the food was gone. I absolutely look on in amazement at her creative games and interactions!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This past week was a wonderful mixture of play and friends and outdoor sunshine, with only a little work thrown in for good measure. After the previous two weeks in which David and I both spent each morning at Regent and the afternoons/evenings struggling to keep up with homework, Cora did a lot of fending for herself. She spent the mornings at her friend Charlotte's house whose dad watched them both. In the afternoons we would try to get outside, but usually I was occupied at the park with my reading while she played by herself.

So this week I soothed my guilty mommy conscience with lots of time playing.

On Monday, we went to Serenity's house to play:

On Tuesday we went to the pool with Clay and his mom and dad, Dana and Justin:

On Wednesday, Dana and Clay and Cora and I walked to the beach and hunted for tiny crabs:

On Thurday, Charlotte and her parents came over and we ordered in Chinese food and then Charlotte spent the night:

On Friday, we went to the park and played Ultimate Frisbee with our friends. Usually I don't play but sit on the sidelines with Cora, but they were in need of another player so Cora simply ran around the field while we both played. Then we headed back home and quickly dressed for the Barefoot Ball, where everyone dressed up to the hilt...and went barefoot.

Cora hanging out at the food table...