Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Days

So, yes, I know, I'm the most sporadic blogger ever, and most of you my friends have given up on me and probably never check here anymore unless you have a blog reader that alerts you to the off-chance update. Just so you know I have started many blog posts over the past few months (and even more in my head) but there seems to be so much to say that I never finish until its just old news and so they keep sitting in the draft box. Here goes another attempt, but I find it's so difficult to try to capture what's going on in my head and heart and life. Life is so full to the brim of joy and excitement around here that it can hardly be expressed in my faltering words!

We reached another milestone of our lives in April: the excitement of David graduating with his MDiv (which as his professor said at the graduation ceremony does not mean becoming a Master of Divinity, but rather Master of becoming mastered by the Divinity. Truly.) It has been an unbelievable journey of change and growth and profundity and humility. It seems surreal for him to be finished. But he has sucked every drop out this experience and is so excited about God's next adventure in store.

Right now that adventure means a summer of parenting and continuing life as it is while I spend a gorgeous Vancouver summer madly trying to take two courses and write a 40,000 word thesis. All while struggling with mommy brain during those final months of pregnancy (only 18 weeks left. Eek.)

It also means taking some much needed downtime before starting the craziness of a brand new career. Which for David, of course means sailing. He has joined a few guys that own a sailboat in doing a bit of a co-op so that he can sail regularly this summer. This weekend he is out with one of his best guy friends on a weekend sail over to the islands. I am missing him terribly, as are the girls who are ridiculously attached to him. He's sort of the stable center around whom all we girls flit about. When he's missing we're just going in circles!

Hannah and Cora are keeping us laughing constantly. They keep me grounded in what's important after long days in my head at the library! They have such fun personalities. Every day I feel overcome with feelings of gratefulness to God for allowing me to be the mother of two such amazing people. Already I can see they are so diverse and yet equally so gifted and beautiful. Their crazy antics bring so much exuberant joy to this home!

At a recent parent-teacher meeting, Cora's teacher gave us some fabulous insight into her strengths--things we know so well, but hearing the perspective from someone so experienced in child development was fun. Some of Cora's particularly strong traits she mentioned are her compassion--she's always noticing and caring for others; strength and confidence--she stands up for herself using her words, and knows just what she likes to do; tells stories and loves to make people laugh (David and I get this side at dinner every night!); happy to share and take-turns; absolutely loves story-time and is a great listener.

Another thing about Cora is her growing spiritual awareness. Sometimes she surprises us with the sweetest things. A recent example is in the car one day when we heard the song "There Will Be a Day" and it speaks of seeing Jesus face to face. David told her that this song is about when we are with Jesus forever. She listened for a moment and said, "It says we'll see His face! And we're going to run to Him, right? Yeah, 'cuz I love Jesus so much!" It was one of those melt-your-heart moments that lifts your own heart in worship.